Power outages aren’t always predictable. You can predict a power outage during a major storm, but outages can occur out of the blue too.

Maybe a transformer blows or the power company's equipment fails. No matter the reason, power outages are disruptive and can cost your company lots of money. Today you’ll find out how critical commercial generators are to properties, thanks to advice from Virginia Power Solutions – a commercial generator installation service in Richmond, VA.

Why Get a Commercial Generator?

Blackouts or power outages that last more than one hour can cost small businesses thousands of dollars each year. For much larger organizations, these blackouts can cost millions yearly.

According to the Energy Information Administration, an average of 1.3 interruptions occurred in 2016, with each building going without power for four hours. And Eaton’s latest blackout report revealed 3,526 outages in 2017 alone, impacting 37 million people.

Given the current data available, it seems like power outages are on the rise across the USA. That’s why with permission from landlords, many business owners install commercial generators. And many landlords install commercial generators in properties to add value to services.

How Commercial Generators Work

A commercial generator uses an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) that allows it to take over power production in an electrical outage event. When the main power returns, the commercial generator automatically shuts off. Generators run on natural gas or diesel, depending on the design. However, diesel generators are typically more fuel-efficient.

“With a commercial generator, you can continue things uninterrupted even if every other building nearby loses power. Therefore, maintaining your operations” – Virginia Power Solutions, commercial generator installation service in Richmond, VA.

How Commercial Generators Protect Your Property

Commercial generators serve as an independent power source from the primary power grid. It’s a safeguard for your facilities, business operations, or industrial applications.

Blackouts cause downtime that disrupts operations and may lead to a loss of profits, overall productivity, and even reputation damage.

A blackout can create unsafe situations for employees and customers, leaving your organization open to legal disputes. Outages can destroy merchandise or goods. For example, if you produce perishable food, a power outage can spell disaster, leading to inventory loss.

Commercial generators prevent serious debacles by keeping critical machinery or equipment in operation. For example, a hospital without power still needs essential tools to function; otherwise, patients suffer.

Commercial Generators Are Vital

Disaster can strike at any time, so better to be ready for a power outage as a business or commercial operation. That way, you can avoid unnecessary interruptions or prolonged downtimes that diminish ROI. Commercial generators supply much-needed electricity during a power outage.