Generators provide power when electricity from the power grid is unavailable, making them a reliable source when needed.

Many homeowners fail to adhere to regular servicing schedules, leaving themselves unprotected and vulnerable during emergencies. At Virginia Power Solutions, we're here to service your unit and keep it in peak operating condition. We also offer emergency generator repair to get your unit running when the unexpected occurs.

The Importance of Generator Servicing

A generator has several components that must work together to power your devices. Some components wear out as time passes, and others malfunction, requiring repair or replacement. The goal of servicing is to verify that each part functions as necessary. When the machine is well-lubricated and each piece operates as needed, you can reduce the chances of unexpected breakdowns and make your unit more reliable. Servicing and emergency generator repair may also extend your unit's life. Handling issues early prevent more extensive problems that may lead to total equipment failure.

Frequency of Generator Servicing

Various generators may require servicing at different intervals. Depending on their condition and other factors, some units may require more frequent servicing. Here are aspects that may affect how often a generator should be serviced:

Frequency of Use

Some areas do not experience electricity loss often, so generator owners in these areas may only need to power their units a few times yearly. Those in areas with frequent power outages may need to use their generators more often. Some even use generators as their primary source of electricity. Regular use increases the chance of wear and tear, so these units require more frequent servicing. Let us know how often and in what capacity you use your generator so we can advise the best servicing schedule.

Environmental Conditions

If you operate your generator outdoors, it may be exposed to dirt and dust. These contaminants can increase wear on the unit, so your unit may need more frequent servicing than those used indoors. A technician can remove dirt and other debris from the interior components, preventing them from causing malfunctions. Generators exposed to harsh conditions like extreme temperatures, high humidity, corrosive gases, or salty air may also require more frequent servicing to mitigate potential issues caused by such conditions.

Generator Age

Like any other machine, aging affects the performance and efficiency of generators. Older units may require more frequent servicing due to deteriorating parts. A technician can inspect the unit and replace worn-out parts to restore performance. If your unit is old and breaks down often, an expert can evaluate it to determine if it needs replacing. Since older generators are more prone to unexpected breakdowns, our experts at Virginia Power Solutions also provide emergency generator repair to get your machine up and running when needed.

The Manufacturer's Recommendations

Generator manufacturers often provide specific servicing guidelines based on their product's design and specifications. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding maintenance intervals, routine inspections, and servicing procedures. Adhering to these recommendations can help keep your machine operating efficiently and reliably.

Emergency Generator Repair and Servicing

At Virginia Power Solutions, we understand the importance of regular generator servicing for reliable and long-lasting operation. We can evaluate your unit and establish a tailored servicing schedule that suits your needs and keeps your generator running smoothly. When the unexpected happens, we provide emergency generator repair services to get your machine up and running as quickly as possible. Call us today to book an appointment.