Winter seasons in Richmond, VA, come with harsh storms that can knock out your power supply.

A backup generator installation provides ample power to keep your home and appliances running, giving you peace of mind. Do you want to learn how to choose the right generator for your home? At Virginia Power Solutions, we provide you with a variety of generators best for your home.

Here are the steps to help you decide which generator to buy for your Richmond, VA, home:

Establish Your Budget

Generators have different price tags depending on size, power needs, wattage, and type. Understand your cost limits and set a price range that fits your budget. Doing so helps you find the best generator for your needs without spending more than your budget allows.

A quality emergency generator costs between $2,500 to $6,000 without installation costs. For instance, a basic generator that powers a freezer, heating system, and most lighting systems in your home costs about $2,500.

Mid-tier generators power a 5-ton air conditioner and up to 3,000sq ft. Homes cost around $8,500. Larger and more powerful generators that power several air conditioners, appliances, and larger homes, cost about $12,000.

Understand Your Power Needs

Generators have varying power outputs measured in watts. You must understand your power needs to determine the right power output for a generator. The best way to do so is to imagine your home without power. Create a list of appliances and systems you can't do without.

Consider assessing your overall home power consumption rate to determine the right wattage power your generator should have. If your power needs are high, opt for a generator that delivers at least 5000 watts. Such a unit generates sufficient power to cover all your appliances and home power needs.

Determine the Right Generator Size

Does your home have high-power-consuming appliances like refrigerators, air conditioning, and heating systems? Or do you need to power a large home? If the answer is yes, at Virginia Power Solutions we provide a medium-to-large generator installation to ensure reliable and efficient power supply needs.

Smaller homes with fewer or low-power-consuming personal devices need small, portable generators. These units don't require installation but rely on power sources such as gasoline.

The space available in your home matters. Large-sized generators require ample space for installation. You must assess your home and determine how much space is available for generator installation. Ensure you choose the right generator size that suits your home's space needs.

Pick a Type of Generator

Units are available in various types, such as home standby, portable, and inverter generators. Standby generators require installation by an experienced service technician. These generators automatically start operating when there's a power outage and often supply large amounts of power.

Portable generators are small and more affordable than standby generators. They have low wattage but sufficient power to keep your essential appliances running.

Inverter generators deliver small amounts of power like portable generators but are quieter as they have more complex engines. This special engine makes them expensive.

Get Help with Generator Installation from an Experienced Service Technician

Do you need help with installing your backup generator? Virginia Power Solutions is your best choice. We have an experienced technical team that provides exceptional generator installation services for commercial and residential property owners in the Richmond metropolitan area.

Contact Virginia Power Solutions today for the best generator solutions and installation services.