A generator needs consistent upkeep to stay in good working condition.

Proper generator maintenance will help extend its life span, saving you money in the long run. At Virginia Power Solutions, we strive to deliver quality services to guarantee that the finished product is reliable and safe. Below are maintenance tips to extend the life of your generator.

Change the Oil

Use a dipstick to check oil levels before starting your generator. Add some oil if the level is below the set optimal mark.

Several factors will determine how often you should change the oil, including the brand of the generator, the environment the generator functions in, and how frequently you use it. Newer models may need fewer oil changes since they run cleaner than old models. Generators that operate in environments with a lot of contaminants and dust that can mix with oil will need a frequent oil changes.

Change the oil filter also following the time intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Doing all this will help to increase the lifespan of your generator.

Use the oil type and brand recommended by the manufacturer. The wrong type of filter and oil can cause significant damage to your generator.

Schedule maintenance with us, and you can rest assured that our team will be available every step of the way. We are ready to address your concerns and answer your questions about generators.

Battery Inspection

Whether you're using your generator or not, the water levels in the battery may decrease over time. Check the water level of your battery frequently because a low liquid level can damage the battery.

When the battery inside the generator is working, the operation can cause gaps between the terminals or poles of the battery leading to oxidation between them. Tighten the battery terminals and clean them to protect your battery from damage. If you don't use your generator for too many days, it can also cause damage to the battery. Start it frequently so it can work effectively for a long time.

Keeping the battery free of leakage or corrosion helps to keep the water topped off and fresh. Contact us and schedule maintenance immediately if you see any of corrosion on the battery, terminals, or wires.

Keep It Clean

A generator may stop functioning if grime and dirt accumulate in it. The machine consists of a stator and rotor as the main components that usually attract dirt and dust. Generators that operate in dusty conditions may need more cleaning than other machinery.

Clean the air filter also to remove debris and dust. If you keep the generator in an enclosure, watch out for rodents and small pests to be sure they have not made the space their home.

We bring expertise and experience to every project, whether small or large. Our team will strive to establish high-quality performance of your generator for it to function safely and effectively.

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