Being caught in a power outage is never fun, but can be especially dangerous in the colder months.

With a Generac generator from Virginia Power Solutions, you can rest easy knowing that you have a solution to power outages. We are always happy to service those who need it, but are also acutely aware how important it is to know how to cope with a power outage, generator or not. Here are our best tips on staying warm and safe when the power is out:

Close all of your blinds and curtains. This will keep the heat in and the cold out! Cover as much of the window space as you can. You can even add blankets to the windowsill or to the bottom of doors. Closing off rooms and keeping doors within the house shut is also a great way to contain the heat.

Wear layers. This sounds obvious, but wearing layers of loose-fitting, warm clothing will keep you from getting a chill. You can also directly affect your body heat by eating and drinking. Providing energy to the body keeps it warm!

Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit. Things handy in a power outage could include: a flashlight, first-aid kit, car charger for cell phones, list of emergency contact phone numbers, hand-crank or battery radio, and hand warmers!

Stock up beforehand. No one knows when a power outage will come, so make sure you have these items stocked in your home! Things like water (enough for at least 3 days), non-perishable foods (like peanut-butter, canned foods, granola bars, and tea/instant coffee), and even gas in case you need it for your car or backup generator.

Though these tips and tricks are always helpful, the most practical way to handle a power outage is to make sure you have a backup generator for your home! Need one installed? Virginia Power Solutions has your back, no problem! Virginia Power Solutions are the experts you need for generator replacements, repairs, and installations, and are just a call away. Reach us at (804) 223-6331 or fill out our Contact Form today!